About Us

Bartenders hear lots of stories and lots of secrets but one thing people don’t keep secret… they want to be able to make great cocktails at home.

That’s where the idea for Batch & Co came from; to create a one-stop non-alcoholic cocktail mixer for people to use at home to achieve sophisticated, bartender-worthy flavour.

Dinner party, cocktail party, barbecue or quiet night in, Batch & Co helps hometenders and home entertainers make the best batch of cocktails every time.

Just mix your favourite Batch & Co flavour with vodka or rum or tequila or sparkling wine or anything else your imagination inspires.

And you can make great mocktails, too.

Thomas Kiltorp, the brains behind Batch & Co, has been a bartender for more than 20 years… He knows that people want to go out and enjoy themselves without necessarily drinking alcohol… or without drawing attention to the fact that they’re not drinking alcohol. With Batch & Co, you can swap out the alcohol for apple juice and lime or tonic water and ice or anything else you like.

Batch & Co’s two launch mixers, unique blends of Guava, Strawberry, Vanilla & Shrub and Spiced Pear & Fig, were developed over 18 months to ensure they deliver on balance of flavour, the hallmark of a truly great cocktail.

Your friends will wonder how you got so skilled – we’ll leave it to you if you want to share that secret.

Thomas Kiltorp

Batch & Co is the brainchild of a bartender, Swedish-born Melbourne-based Thomas Kiltorp, who was inspired by a phrase he heard over and over across the bar, “I wish I could make cocktails like this at home.”

Thomas has been a bartender for more than 20 years, spending summers on the Greek island of Ios and winter in the ski resorts of Austria, but it was three years in London that really taught him the complicated art of making cocktails.

Arriving in Melbourne in 2000 Thomas quickly made his mark on the cocktail-obsessed city, at The Saint in St Kilda, winning The Age Good Food Guide Bartender of the Year.

Since then Thomas has been part of some of the most exciting offerings on the city’s cocktail scene opening Richmond’s iconic The Collection Bar, The Red Hummingbird, nominated for Australia’s Best New Bar, and The Emerald Peacock, one of the city’s most popular rooftop bars, not to mention Melbourne’s first Nordic bar, du Nord.

The experience, knowledge and passion of more than two decades behind the stick are in every bottle of Batch & Co.

Thomas says: “A great cocktail has a balance of sweet and sour, mouthfeel and viscosity. Achieving that balance was what I focused on for Batch & Co; to get the hint of fig, to get the pear, to get the spices to come through in the after-palate, not full of sugar. It took me 18 months just to create the two launch flavours.”