Batch & Co is the brainchild of an award-winning bartender with more than two decades behind the stick in cocktail bars around the world.

Swedish-born Melbourne-based Thomas Kiltorp, winner of The Age Good Food Guide Bartender of the Year, developed Batch & Co to deliver three things – efficiency, consistency, flavour.

efficiency | lower costs and increase volume by minimising prep work, cutting the time it takes to actually make a cocktail and reducing waste.

Batch & Co has done the work for you.

consistency | of price and product; unlike market ingredients our prices won’t fluctuate and unopened product won’t spoil.

Batch & Co bottles have a shelf life of 12 months. Store away from direct sunlight and refrigerate and use within 10 days of opening.

flavour | serve balanced, deftly mixed drinks every time.

It doesn’t matter who’s behind the bar, Batch & Co has been designed to deliver ease for your staff and unparalleled flavour for your customers, for both cocktail and mocktails.

Thomas says; “I’ve been a bartender, a bar owner and I’m still a big cocktail lover (and drinker). I designed Batch & Co to deliver the things that matter to you, your business, your staff and your customers – efficiency, consistency and ‘I-love-this-place’ flavour.”