Batch & Co

Batch & Co creates non-alcoholic cocktail mixers, drawing ingredients and expertise from the best in the world, bottled in Australia.

Batch & Co products are one-stop mixers, one bottle of juice, syrup and shrub, designed to deliver home entertainers and mixologists consistency, efficiency and unparalleled flavour… every time.

Batch & Co is the brainchild of award-winning bartender, Swedish-born Melbourne-based Thomas Kiltorp, who was inspired by a phrase, said to him over and over, “I wish I could make cocktails like this at home.” Batch & Co’s two launch mixers – Guava, Strawberry, Vanilla & Shrub and Spiced Pear & Fig – mean that, now, everyone can.

Batch & Co, The best batch, every time. Cocktails, mocktails, at home, on premise

Batch & Co Guava Strawberry & Vanilla Cocktail Mixer

Batch & Co Spiced Pear & Fig Cocktail Mixer